It’s very tempting to follow trends, but what about the classics that should be in all our closets? We can’t ignore the importance of certain items, so here’s my list of must have classics! Remember, these pieces are ment to be matched WITH trends, I know they might seem boring on their own!


A black pencil skirt, leoprd print cardigan, tight black cigarette pants (also known as skinny jeans), the little black dress, jean jacket, long trench coat, black turtle neck sweater, colorful geometric scarf, tuxedo style blazer in black


black riding boots (if you’re buying boots this fall – these will never go out of style!), a black leather purse with gold trim accents, simple ballerina flats, silver bangle bracelets, a beret (either in black, or kick it up a notch and go with red!) Jakie-O type sunglasses (big and round, very 60’s chic),

Style note: Not everything you wear needs to be the hottest trend. Remember women like Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy? Their style sense is still considered the best for one reason – they knew how to incorporate trends with classic pieces. There’s nothing worst than having a closet full of trow away trend clothing. When buying classic pieces, take the trench coat for example, why not invest a little? A trench coat will never ever go out of style and names like London Fog will never ever stop making amazing trench coats….so pay your self a treat and invest in pieces that you will have forever! Trends however, usually last one MAYBE two seasons… why pay top dollar for something you won’t want to wear in six months?

Forever stylish - Jacqueline Kennedy

Forever stylish - Jacqueline Kennedy