I have the most sensitive and difficult skin in the world. No really, if there was a annoying skin contest – I would win.
With winter approaching (yes it is, you have to face it) I’m starting to hyper hydrate my skin just to be safe. I’ve tried allll the lotions, and certain are really great, but I think I’ve found the ultimate in moisture. Sweet Almond Oil. It’s common, available at any pharmacy along with the peroxides and calamine lotions. It’s inexpensive, but most importantly my skin feels amazingggg. 

It absorbs quickly, so no greasy skin (ugh I hate that!) and it doesn’t smell strong (I hate that too!) It kinda has a butter/ nut smell, but you have to have your nose right on it to smell it. Just a fews drops massaged into your skin works wonders!!

Try it this winter to fight off dry itchy skin! I swear it’ll work!