I like to shop. I know, I know you’re all shocked. Infact I love shopping – the whole routine of it, sipping a latte and wandering around….stumbling on an amazing vintage piece….gawd! Nothing gets my heart racing like this stuff.

But what if you want to shop in the comfort of your home? I was surprised to find out that some people are actually scared to e-shop, fearing they’ll get ripped off. It’s such a shame!! There are so many wonderful things online – not only in stores that you might not have around you, but certain stores have online only exclusive items that will never be sold in stores. So why let fear dictate your style? Break free of the fear my friends!! Get a paypal account and go shopping!!!!  =) The only danger is spending like a crazy person…a danger I know well!

Here are some of my absolute favorite website shopping stops:

www.modcloth.com  – a mix of vintage and new faux-vintage, great original pieces for the eclectics out there!

www.etsy.com – one of my favs of all time. Alot of hand made unique pieces, everything from clothing and shoes, to home items to…..well everything!

www.80spurple.com – cool pieces with a hard rock edge!

www.delias.com – a little more pretty and mainstream, but don’t let that fool you, there’s something for everyone!

www.pixiemarket.com – edgy and daring pieces, a little more cha-ching$$$ but very interesting…let yourself get inspired!

www.shoes.com  – exactly what it sounds like! Designer and commercial shoes at good prices!

www.needsupply.com – hipster chic!

www.overstock.com – buy overstocked items at discount prices – *warning* there might be alot of crap on here, so be patient! You’ll find something!