As I prepare to move into a new place, I cannot help but redecorate my new bedroom in my head. I have choosen the ‘shabby chic’ style.

What the heck is that? I know, I know – it’s a little designer sounding. Shabby chic is a style in interior design that incorporates a mix of french, vintage, country and glamour. It’s light, airy and full of femininity.  If this sounds like something you’d like to try, just read these tips!

a) white, white, white, white oh and yeah….white: The colors in shabby chic are faded tints of pink, green, blue, lavender – but ALWAYS white. It’s the most prominent color (yes white is a color) and the over all color scheme is light and faded – almost like something that’s been in the sun or outside for a whole summer.

b) Naturaly girly: In this style, there is always a strong presence of femininity and a strong feeling of natural elements.  Feminine details in lace, beading, sparkle everything and soft textures like blankets and silks. The natural accents can be a wood headboard, woven baskets and potted plants. All good choices that help break up the starkness of all the white. Remember, eventhough it’s mostly white….it’s never cold or uninviting.

c) Texturizing and patterns: A great way to make a place warmer (even if it’s almost all white) is to make the textures irresistable.  Think of big fluffy pillows, and feather comforters. Soft chenille blankets and even softer velvets. Never underestimate the power of texture. However, don’t get too crazy with patterns! Keep it simple! Think quilts and small flower patterns.

d) Have fun: Remember to add touches of fun! Christmas lights and flowers are wonderful!  :)