Now, before you keep reading….please don’t get offended if you do any of things I mention bellow, but here is a short list of the things, people, behaviors, trends etc. that just drive me nuts. Can we agree to let go of these things? k?

1. Ed Hardy clothing/gear of all kinds- all I have to say on this one is…ew.

2. Wearing glasses when you don’t need them – seriously? Glasses are so annoying! Why would you want to wear them if you don’t have to?!

3. Lady Gaga – SORRY, I know people are swept up by how ‘genius’ and ‘innovative’ she is….and I give her credit for what she does, but can we stopped being ‘shocked’ and ‘amazed’ by the stuff she does? If you’re looking for contemporary art, there are wayyy better and more shocking artists out there for you to learn about. I respect what she does, but it ain’t THAT great. k?

4. Being sad about MJ – he was not god, no matter what his fans want you to think.

5. Shutter shades – again, I have have to say on this is ew. (oh and they’re not even trendy anymore, so why even wear them at all!)

6. Taking pictures of yourself while looking to the side – because everyone looks like a douche when they do this.

7. Palestinian scarves – cool last summer. not anymore. let’s move to silk scarves or the circle scarf, at least they’re fashionable this season.

8. The Hills – have you had enough of the stupidity? If you want something “real” watch a documentary instead, learn something!

9. Vodka limes – they’re a good first drink, don’t get me wrong. I drank them when I started going out and stuff. But I think once you pass your first year of drinking in bars/clubs….move on to something more! Unless you’re some ditz dancing in some gross bump bump club, you can drink something a little more grown up.  Just TRY something new next time, and if you don’t know what to order….ask the cute guy standing at the bar, it’s a great opener! ;)

10.  Short handed texting – if u txt like dis. STOP. IMMEDIATELY

Fiouf! That felt good to let out!