Here is a list of things I’ve come to realise in my 22 years of life:


  • Nutella is a food group on it’s own
  • Always have rice and spaghetti in your pantry, it will save you more times than you can count
  • The sketchier the restaurant, the better the cooking


  • Don’t get involved with alcoholics
  • Sleeping with friends is always risky, and usually a bad idea
  • Do not, under any circumstances, date a mama’s boy. I repeat DO NOT.
  • In correlation to the previous statement, boys…do NOT be a mama’s boy or no girls will sleep with you


  • Get a crappy place in a fantastic neighborhood, you’ll be ever so happy in your shit shack
  • Always look slightly bored at a bar………………………KIDDING, always have fun in bars! No one wants to hang out with a sad sack
  • If there is a line up, it’s probably not worth it. Turn around and go somewhere cooler where you don’t have to stand around


  •  The more expensive it is, the greater the chance is that it’s a piece of crap that will break when you look at it
  • Have a Sharpie marker with you at ALL times
  • The weirder something is, the more interesting it is
  • The more complicated something is, the less interesting it is
  • Never underestimate the power of a good song

And last but not least, always – and I mean alwayssssss have nice underwear on – because you never know who will be looking at it that day  ;)