It’s never too early to start thinking about New-Years Eve parties!!! We all know it’s about a few key things, a killer dress, drinking alot and hooking up with a long time crush. (admit it.) Now, I may now be able to help you with the last two but I sure can help you pick out a killer dress!!! Before I start, in my head NYE is a special time, a time when you can be as over dressed as you want and no one should care. SO break out the sparkle and shine girls, go for some gusto! Bellow are a few exemples of different looks, depending all on how daring you feel like being! All the dresses bellow are from

Arabesque Dress 62.99$

The simple look : Arabesque Dress 62.99$

night at the opera 84.99

The fancy look: Night at the Opera 84.99$

betsy johnson it's my party dress 425.00

The fun look: Betsy Johnson It's my party dress 425.00$

Obviously my favorite is the Betsy Johnson one! It’s so pink!  :)