Since Santa is a busy man, we should all help him out and buy our loved ones presents! :)

But what to get? Outch….it can be tough I know.  So here starts my series on what to buy for different people! All items featured in this series are available at Maybe something here will get your brain working on what to buy that special hard to buy for someone!

Let’s start with moms:

For the pet lovers: Why not just get her (or him!) something for that four legged friend of theirs? A custom collar or silver engraved name tag, or a day at the dog spa! Treat their barking and meowing ones with love and they’ll love ya for it!

Custon pet collar 10.00

Custom Pet collars - between 10-50$

Statement piece jewelry!  Mom’s usually like bright colorful hand made jems, so if your mom is as colorful as mine then get her a unique piece of jewelry, but think alternative materials! The one bellow is felt! Gorgeous and sure to catch everyone’s eye this holiday season!

Dolce roll statement necklace 65.00

Dolce roll statement necklace - 65.00$

To tote or not to tote:  Tote bags are something ALL women can use, just make sure it’s simple (so it can work with all outfits) and has lots of compartments (makeup, keys, magazines) However, don’t get her some cheap thing that will only last one month. I reccomend something in canvas and leather, like the one shown bellow.

Mom idea - Juliet Tote 45.00

The Juliet tote - 45.00$


FOODDDD: People love food. It’s a fact! Certain companies will deliver a special edible treat every month for a year! This is the gift that keeps on giving all year round! Search them out in your area and pick the stuff your mom loves! Meat, cheese, pastries, you pick!