I have a confession. I have become obsessed with fur. I’m sorry PETA but it just looks so damnnnnnn fine! I know have a knee length faux fur vest, real fur muff and a real fur collar – and I am now looking for fur ear muffs. I’m a terrible person, I know…. oh well, at least I look awesome!So try some fur today (real or not…depending on your morals!) I’ve found amazing fur pieces in second hand and vintage stores, look for collars (you can wear them with a broch and a cozy sweater – so very winter warm!), also why not try some cute boots with a fur accent? Oh oh and some cute gloves with fur trim, there are alot of ways to incorporate fur in your closet, but of course the best and most fantastic way is the fur coat. Be it real or fake, it looks fantastic with jeans and boots to go out for supper – and it look HOT over a cute dress to go out for drinks. Let’s be honest here, it also feels amazing to have wrapped around you! :)


Legendary Twiggy in a fur trimmed coat