This next rant of mine, will without a doubt offend some of you. I know it will, and for that….I’d like to say sorry, but seriously stop being offended.

I don’t like Zooey Deschanel. I said it. She’s cute and all, quite a pretty girl, but who are we kidding…she’s nothing to get all worked up over. Let’s look at the facts, a mediocre actress, a mediocre signer and has a style that a billion other people have (like I said she’s cute….but fashionista? nahhhh)  Oh and apparently she’s kind of a cunt face (sorry for the harsh word)

Like I previously said, she’s cute – I’ll give her that. Very pretty. But c’monnnn. She’s a hipster wannabe’s wet dream and that’s bad enough in my book. I realise that I no longer have friends, but I had to. Today I heard her bands (She & Him) version of the Smiths classic Please Please Please let me get what I want. I tried to like it. I listened to it twice, but upon further reflection I realised that it’s not just the mediocre cover that I hated….it was also the mediocre person singing it.



*** I realise you all hate me now. Oh well.