So here continues my ‘What to buy people for christmas’  lists. Today, girlfriends. I thought this might be a tough one, let’s face it girls are tough to buy for. So I picked out some examples of things at different prices, to show that no matter your budget, you can find something special for your special lady. Everything bellow is available on – you don’t even have to MOVE to find your girl something pretty, does it get easier!?

cupcake necklace 25.00

Cupcake necklace - 25.00

So this cupcake necklace is my personal favorite. Do you call your girlfriend by some pet name? Why not incorporate that into your present! Think jewelry though….a t-shirt with a cupcake on it….not so special. Stick to either necklace charms, or charms bracelets, rings and earings.

Sequin headband 17.25

Sequin Headband 17.25

A hair thingy. I know this seems all weird to you guys, but a sparkly thing in our hair makes our hair extra special! BUT keep it simple, don’t go over board with feathers and beads and neon lights, no no no a little sparkle. However, make sure it’s not some boring ribbon thingy she can buy anywhere. On Etsy, you can get wonderful ones made with antique broches, they sparkle and they are totally unique. (very important to be unique!)

Girlfriend idea - little hearts collage 43.00

Little Hearts collage - 43.00

This one could be a little cheesy – but ALL girls like cheese (not only the kind ya eat!) So why not get her something a little cheesy, heck you could even make this heart collage and that way it’s even MORE special. I promise, she’ll keep it forever and think of ya when she looks at it.

As my Love grows 49.00

As my love grows ring - 49.00

The good old reliable classic, JEWELRY. You can really never go wrong with jewelry, but how about you think outside the box of little heart shaped pendants and tiny diamond thingies and get her something hand made?? This ring is wonderfully original and sweet without being tacky. It’s simple, classic and cute!