Life has so many things and moments that we over look. We’re so bombarded by ugliness, death, heartbreak and tragedy. I feel like I have to list a few simple things that make me remember how great life is:

1) Bakery windows: Being a huge sugar addict, nothing makes me as happy as seeing beautiful, colorful and sweet treats in a bakery window. A beautiful plate of cute cupcakes can really lift the spirit.

Cup and Cake, Paris by cupandcake.

2) The sound of a Banjo: I knew I had a love for certain sounds, the harmonica and the cello – I have recently added the banjo to that list. It just sounds so light hearted, like a southern ukelele! oh also the ukelele is awesome! :)

3) Pretty pink lips: Girls take note, we don’t always have to wear bright red lipstick, and we can wear more than lip blam. Try a pretty candy shade, it makes you look sweet and nice, a change from all the leather and studs.

Pink Fire by sugarpie honeybunch.
4) Arranging things by color:  Okay, maybe this one is linked to my Martha Stewart obsession, but when things are arranged by color….my heart skips a beat. Be it books or clothing….ah I just love it.
5) A pretty vanity: I really have to set up my vanity is a swanky way. Glass bottles, silver boxes and beautiful perfume logos just make the whole getting ready process way more fun and romantic no?
6) The smell (and sound) of rain: One of the best smells in the world! When the world feels fresh and clean and opening your window to hear the pitter patter is a great way to spend the afternoon.
7) Flannel Pajamas: Eventhough they might not be the most attractive thing in the world… nice is it to slip into some of these babies?!
8) Stomping in puddles: when you have rain boots of course! It always makes me feel like I’m 5 all over again, I can still hear my mom’s voice saying to cut it out.
9) finding a really good pen: I have really small and weird looking handwritting (it’s a combination between an architects and a serial killers) so when I find a pen with a really fine nub that makes it look legible…..I will keep that pen like it’s the key to the universe!
10) Almost falling: Okay, this one sounds weird- but it’s really not. Almost falling is cool, your heart stops and then after you feel like you cheated death or something.