Well kids, it’s that time of the week again. The time where you can throw away your weekday worries and indulge in some time to do whatever you want to do. Here’s my list of things I will be doing this weekend:

– Watch  ‘Coco Avant Chanel’ (I’m embarrased that I have not yet seen this!)

– Start reading ‘The Naked Lunch’

– Make some sort of yummy creation, perhaps involving pomegranate

– Wander in the Contemporary Art Musem for an afternoon

– Pick up the pile of give-away clothes that’s sitting on my floor and bring it to a charity.

– Draw at least 2 still life compositions and 6 sketches

– Sort through my existing art work, and plan out my portfolio

– Brush my cat George and give him the cuddles I too often forget about

– Go to the dollar store and pick up craft stuff! (aka: glitter, glue, ribbons ect) oh oh and stickers!

– Make something pretty that sparkles

What’s on your list?