***disclaimer: To any readers of the masculine influence, the following post will most likely bore you off your ass.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS! What woman doesn’t love beauty products? We all love looking at them, analyzing them, talking about them, bashing them and most of all we all love finding the few truely fantastic products that change the way we see ourselves. The following post is dedicated to just that, the products that changed my life.

Skin: I have gone through alot to understand my skin, from acne to eczema. As a teenager, I remember crying to my mother to take me to a dermatologist so he could “fix” my face and get rid of the pimples. I also remember my mother telling me to just stop touching my face and to go easy on my skin…..that was not the advice I wanted. Cut to almost 10 years later, and I am eating my mothers words. I have found the secret to good looking skin. Stop touching it and go easy on it. I tried everything from the cheap Clearasil products to the fancy celebrity advertised Proactive without success, until now. A year ago I started using Spectrogel, you know that boring looking cleanser that’s reccomended by dermatologists but doesn’t have any fancy packaging? Yeah, that one.  It is gentle and balances your skin, fixing all problems. There are only two daily steps to having nice skin: clean it with a gentle cleanser and moisturize it. No toners, no this and that. No. Clean and moisturize. As far as moisturizers go, I have two favorites: Neutrogena intesified moisturizer with SPF15 and any Aveno products with SPF of course. (*note: yes, start using SPF now, you’ll thank me when you’re 40) Oh and of course, don’t touch your face!!!! No matter what we use, as hormones change every woman is going to get pimples, don’t freak out! But just don’t pick and pull either! If you’re thinking: “Okay, I got this clean and moisturize thing handled, now what?” Well…..exfoliate!!! ohhhh scary word. Neutrogena and St-Yves make really gentle exfoliators that will help even skin tone. BUT, don’t over do it or you’ll scare your skin and it’ll start freaking out again, so no more than twice a week ok?

Body: (oh maybe men saw this word and skipped to this part) The skin on your body is just as delicate as the skin on your face, and yet many woman ignore it. It needs gentle soap, exfoliation and moisture just as much! So in terms of soap, I might be the only person who thinks that Dove soap is harsh….but it is. It dries my skin out in one shower. ONE! So I have stoped using it, and started using Goats milk soaps! They smell lovely and after a week of using them, you will absolutly feel a difference. If you only do one thing to help your skin, do this one. So you’re clean, and now you must exfoliate! Same deal as your face though, no more than twice a week-ish. I just bought a Neutrogena citrus exfoliator and adore it! Smells yummy yummy and the mix of oils in the product leave a softness to your skin like no other. Now what’s the next step! Moisturize!!! I am the biggest fan of the Aveno skin relief moisturizing lotion. It doesn’t have a funky smell, it’s not greasy and it really really really works. There’s a very good reason my skin is so soft, and it’s due to the three products I mentioned.

 Hair: My family likes to tease me because of my attachment to my hair, they say it’s because as a baby it took about two years to start actually seeing my hair that I was traumatised and now I’m obsessed with it. Yeah….I was bald for a while as a baby…..it was terribly fine and so pale that it was almost see-though! So for all that time spent without hair as a baby, I became crazy about having perfect hair in my teen years. I would spend 45mins every morning before school to wash, dry, style and coiff myself into beauty. And you know what? I destroyed my hair. It’s looked fine enough, but it was straw. Bleached, straightned and hairsprayed straw. Again, like my skin, I have found that the best way to get nice hair….leave it alone!!! I will only use one shampoo: Kloraine for colored hair and one conditioner: Pantene naturals. That’s it. No hair dryer, no flat iron nadda. I might use them for a special something, but not every day ladies. Let you hair dry au natural. It might be a little tough at first, you might be pooffy or you hair might go off in all different directions….but it will tame itself! Remember: you’re skin and hair are naturally perfect….the shit you do to them make them go crazy. So just simplify and do as little as possible.

Make-up: This is a difficult one, since I have stopped using most make-up. I use three things every morning. 1) Cover Girl concealer because I have dark circles under my eyes. 2) a mineral blush product 3) Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara. That’s it. However; what I do use in particular is an eyelash curler. They make such a difference! I know they’re scary and you have to put it like right next to your eye ball….but they make you way more awake and pretty!

Product overview:

Skin 1) Spectrogel 2) Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF 15 3) Neutrogena exfoliator

Body 1) Goats milk soap 2) Aveno intensive moisturizer 3) Neutrogena citrus exfoliator

Hair 1)Kloraine shampoo 2) Pantene naturals conditioner

Misc. 1) Elizabeth Arden 18 protection cream 2) Life brand Strawberry scented body spray 3) Rose buld salve for lips 4) Water.

I know that at first glance this article might appear superficial, and maybe it is. All I know is that these products have helped me in seeing how beautiful I really am. So how superficial can it be eh?