I love all decades of fashion, from punk to pretty. It’s pretty easy to be a cool lookin’ punk, black and leather and add some metal. But how to get that lovely 50’s-60’s look? Oh the 50’s! A time where a form fitting sweater was the sexiest thing alive and hair was ment to be perfect and not move. Well, let’s look at some modern options eh?

Da hair. Eventhough I’m a lazy buggar when it comes to my daily hair routine, from time to time I do endulge in setting it. So, let’s discover the world of curlers! I know! A scary image of an old lady with curlers and a cigarette pops into your head, but properly setting your hair in curlers will give it instant style. Too scared? How about a bold 60’s bangs? That’s what I got a few months ago and I will not go back to that whispy little fringe bang. It’s so easy to make your hair look polished, just comb it. The bangs do the rest!  

The lovely Marilyn showing off curls on short hair

Da face.  Well obviously a cat eye is the most prominant make-up tip from this era. But I want to mention a strong eyebrow.  NO not a unibrow. I mean a darker fuller eyebrow. A la Elizabeth Taylor, who is in my opinion the most stunning woman to ever grace the screen. She knew that a strong brown frames your face and immediatly brings attention to your eyes. Add that cat eye and you’re set!

Elizabeth Taylor <3

 Da clothing.  My favorite part. Clothing. Woman knew how to dress in those days, my gosh.  All the emphasis was on the waist. A teeny tiny waist with a full skirt (this is the 50’s of course) Let’s look at some pretty pictures instead of rambling on, visuals are the best way to understand anyways!

THE waist

Fur! (but let's make it fake!)

Yes - Dita does look this fabulous all the time

 Eventhout at first glance, 50’s and 60’s fashions seem different with it’s bold lines and contrast, there are alot of similarities. The strong eye make-up seen on Twiggy is an exagerated version of it’s 50’s cousin, and the starck black and white colour contrast inspired with Chanel…so here are some more pictures. Soak it up and think about what you could incorporate in your closet!

Architecture is not just for building!

Twiggy = Fierce!

Peggy Moffit know how to do Mod