Bathing suit season!!!! A time when all woman, big and small, are paralized with fear at the thought of trying on bathing suits. It can be the most ego-busting experience that even the most confidant woman can suffer. But, for those of you who have to go through that ordeal this summer, here are some cutie pie suits that fit lots of body types. Before we go into that, let’s talk about the shopping experience shall we. Obviously shopping for a bathing suit after eating a double whopper is a  HUGE mistake. SO here is my advice. A) you need one, just one, very very trusted friend. You know that kind of friend who can say you look fat in that and you still won’t kill her. B) make a day out of it, treat yourselves to lunch and have a real girls day, if you try to rush through it, I promise you will find nothing and come out of the whole ordeal ego bruised and battered. C) stop being so damned PICKY! I know we all want those cute billabong bikinies, but here is the truth….they don’t flatter alot of girls! I think I have a nice body, but I can’t wear string bikinies. Lord knows I’ve tried, but the damned tops have noooo support and my fun bags (boobies in lamens terms) end up all over the place. NOT a cute look on me.

The one piece: A very flattering look. But, if you do a one piece the tricky thing is to make sure it has a certain pin-up/vintage appeal. So, look for sweetheart necklines, halters, polkadots, ruffles….some decoration! BUT avoid a square neckline….it just ends up looking like a speed swimsuit….the kind athletes wear……not cute for beach bunnies!

NOOOO not this.

sweeheart neckline

halter tops!

Two piece: The dreaded bikini.  In my history of bathing suits, there is just one type of top that works for me. A very supporting haltertop. I’ve tryed bandeau tops, string tops and strapless (hellsss no!) I’ve found that having something pushing up your girls and creating a lovely boobie area helps you feel better about the rest. Makes for a nice focal point, and you’re strapped in tight for all that playing in the water!

support those fun bags girls!

 The inbetweenie:  Eventhough I’m not a tankini fan, I do support others wearing them. They’re sorta half a bikini and a one piece. So if you’re going to do a tankini, look for something interesting! Just like a one piece, look for sweetheart neckline and interesting details, also make sure the bottoms have a low rise to help elongate the body,

 *** All the swimwear shown here was found on Delias!