Designing a space can be very daunting, there are ten thousand details to consider, coordinating with architects and add the stress of a client – sometimes things are over-looked, and unfortunatly lighting is one of those things that some designers leave to the last second. Well here are some amazing lighting fixtures for you to gawk at.  They are my form of design candy  :)

"Designers Wan-jin Joo, and Hyun-Joung Yoo present the Arbre      Since the beginning of the 21st century, environmental friendly design in material and shape has been getting increasingly important. So I made lightning that gives us a feeling just like nature is getting into the house literally by using tree-shape. For light, LEDs are used, while recycled plastic is used for the branch part. Arbre utilizes a module method of lighting. To use this light, the user must put the branch shaped pieces into one another. As the human inspires life into the tree, the tree releases the light through its branches."