I am sick and tired of my hair. I’ve had the fringe-hippy-boho look for far too long and I want something with attitude for the fall. So I want to chop it off.  By thinking these thoughts I realised how attached we get to our hair (not all of us mind you, but a lot of us) It’s our soft flowing security blanket that we get to carry around with us everywhere. I learned how insecure I was when I first thought of cutting it off. I honestly thought ” what if I’m not pretty” – and then I had a mini anxiety attack. BUT then a realised two things, 1) who the fuck cares about being pretty all the fucking time? and 2) where did I get the cave man-esk notion that short hair was neither sexy or pretty? My whole life looking up to girls like Kelly Kapowski and Jennifer Aniston (both with flowing locks) I guess I equated cute and sexy with long tousled hair. But what about women like Marilyn Monroe, Linda Evangelista, Dita Von Teese, Sienna Miller, Agness Deyn, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Nathalie Portman and even the late Lady Diana were ballsy enough to go short. They’re all majorly sexy in their own ways without inches and inches of hair. So this fall, I Sylvie Allain, who has never had short hair (only a bob that went bellow my chin) – will go short for the fall. I think I need to liberate myself from my own antiquated views on my beauty.

These are my inspirations: