Absolute outfit perfection!





My new favorite product!

Amen, amen I have found the promised land of glowing skin, and I need to share.

The vitamin C facial radiance capsules, 28.00$ at the Body Shop

Feels amazing on the skin, do yourselves and get some today!


This is one stylin’ lady yo

The ever cool, Iris Apfel.





I stand here, eating my words!

Alas. I have to eat my words.

I have in past posted about my general dislike for Zooey Deschanel…..and although I stand by what I said, I must┬áreluctantly admit that the trailer for her new show “The new girl” on Fox…..made me laugh out loud. I will indeed be watching at least the pilot, I hope it’s a smash!

They will be mine

Freaking fearless and amazing. They will be on my feet.